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Composite Tri Planar Geonet

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Composite Tri Planar Geonet
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Composite Tri- Planar Geonet
1. Composite Bi-Planar/Tri-Planar Geonet consists of a Bi-Planar/Tri-Planar geonet heat laminated with a nonwoven PP/PET needle-punched geotextile on one side or both sides, and are designed to provide drainage filtration to keep soil structure from the flow.
2. Composite Bi-Planar/Tri-Planar Geonet is a synthetic drainage material manufactured from the high-density polyethylene (HDPE) strands. Composite Bi-Planar/Tri-Planar Geonet is designed for in-plane flows over a large surface area.
3. Composite Bi-Planar/Tri-Planar Geonet provides drainage, filtration, separation and protection in the one product. Composite Bi-Planar/Tri-Planar Geonet offers light weight, easy installation and friendly solution to traditional drainage materials.
4. The geotextile cover provides rapid drainage and protects soil particles from blocking the drainage applications.

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The Applications of Composite Tri- Planar Geonet
1. Landfill cappings and water reservoirs
2. Horizontal drainage
3. Cut and cover tunnels


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